Hello! I'm RAPIDPUNCHES and I'm a freelance illustrator and musician residing in Portland, OR*. I've taught art classes (textile, fabric art and 3D Printing) at the Rockwood Makerspace. I love monster movies, gunpla, mahou shoujo animes, and synthwave. Currently building crappy robots with arduinos.

BFA in Illustration Pacific Northwest College of Art, 2015 Portland, OR


2016 Group, Ocean Exhibit, OMSI - Portland, OR (Spring-Summer. OMSI Mezzanine.)

Multnomah County Library Rockwood Makerspace Mentor Mar 2019 – April 2021 • Class Instruction • Epilog Laser Mini, Lulzbot, Ultimaker, Scanner, Printers
FreeGeek Volunteer Jun 2019 – Aug 2019 • Disassembling HDD's • Disassembling RAM and MOBO's • Disassembling misc. for recycling.

• HTML5, CSS3, Python, Lua • Linux and Open Source • eTextile and Fiber Arts • Chiptune • Illustration • Clay and 3D Sculpting

My music is available on bandcamp and soundcloud but I have a whole album embedded on my music page from archive dot org. All of my music is edited in Audacity! I'm working on another album but it took me a year to finish ISLAND ADVENTURE QUEST. It'll take me even longer to finish the next one (COVID-19 both slowed things down and piled things up).

I started making music around the same time as I was programming (with pygame) early 2017. My laptop acted like it was dying so I replaced windows with Linux Mint, and several distros later I'm on Manjaro. I managed to eke out extra time with that laptop before getting FreeGeek laptops (I'm on my second one). I upgraded the RAM and swapped out the old HDD for an SSD... long story short my progression is tied to technology advancement.

I've been buying thrift and secondhand things as well as trading in, donating, and recycling. A lot of people scrap things they don't know how to use or troubleshoot, so near-brand new items renewed and refurbished have passed to my hands. I've been really inspired to repair things that are broken and work with things until they are no longer usable. So! Part of that is getting my money's worth through churning out as much Creative Commons art as possible. My art is not one-time, one-person use (single use is a waste). I think it adds value to make things accessible to everyone. That's why all my music is free!

LAND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: I live on the unceded lands of the Clackamas, Cowlitz and Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde. What we now call Portland, Oregon and Multnomah County are the ancestral lands of the Multnomah, Wasco, Kathlamet, Clackamas, Cowlitz, bands of Chinook, Tualatin Kalapuya, Molalla and many other Tribes who made their homes along the Columbia and Willamette Rivers.